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By Ivanyi A. (ed.)

ISBN-10: 9638759623

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Ivanyi A. (ed.) Algorithms of informatics, vol.2.. functions (2007)(ISBN 9638759623)

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It is one of the most inuential results in distributed computing. The impossibility holds for both shared memory systems if only read/write registers are used, and for message passing systems. The proof rst shows it for shared memory systems. The result for message passing systems can then be obtained through simulation. 19 There is no consensus algorithm for a read/write asynchronous shared memory system that can tolerate even a single crash failure. And through simulation the following assertion can be shown.

But this contradicts the assumption that k is the smallest number of messages needed to solve the problem. In the rest of this section we consider agreement problems where the communication medium is reliable, but where the processors are subject to two types of failures: crash failures , where a processor stops and does not perform any further actions, and Byzantine failures , where a processor may exhibit arbitrary, or even malicious, behaviour as the result of the failure. The algorithms presented deal with the so called consensus problem , rst introduced by Lamport, Pease, and Shostak.

Since each phase has a dierent king and there are f + 1 13. Distributed Algorithms 610 phases, at least one round has a nonfaulty king. 17 Let g be a phase whose king pg is nonfaulty. Then all nonfaulty processors nish phase g with the same preference. Proof Suppose all nonfaulty processors use the majority value received from the king for their preference. Since the king is nonfaulty, it sends the same message and hence all the nonfaulty preferences are the same. Suppose a nonfaulty processor pi uses its own majority value v for its preference.

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Algorithms of informatics, vol.2.. applications (2007)(ISBN 9638759623) by Ivanyi A. (ed.)

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