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By Cory Gideon Gunderson

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He fights against America’s influence in the world. Bin Laden believes that American values conflict with Muslim ones. 36 A F G H A N I S TA N ’ S STRUGGLES WORLD IN CONFLICT: THE MIDDLE EAST Bin Laden was accused of planning the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against the United States. He is the leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist group. His actions thrust Afghanistan into the world spotlight. S. President George W. Bush sent military troops into the already-struggling country. The troops were to help the Northern Alliance hunt for Osama bin Laden and rid Afghanistan of terrorists.

Their goal was to rid Afghanistan of Western influence. They wanted to return their country to a pure Islamic nation. The Taliban overtook Kabul in the fall of 1996. On September 27, 1996, Afghanistan’s president Buhanuddin Rabban left the capital. Mullah Mohammad Omar, the Taliban leader, guided the activities of this group’s efforts. Afghanistan Today 35 WORLD IN CONFLICT: THE MIDDLE EAST Many Afghans fled from their country as the Taliban took increasing control of it. Though most who fled were Muslim, they disagreed with the Taliban’s severe beliefs.

This book includes the five pillars, or laws, of Islam. The first pillar is called the “Shahadat” and declares Allah as the one and only God. It identifies Muhammad as God’s messenger. All Muslims promise that they will swear to this belief on Judgment Day. An Islamic Nation 31 WORLD IN CONFLICT: THE MIDDLE EAST The “Salat” is the second pillar. Muslims must pray five times throughout each day, alone or with a congregation in a mosque. A mosque is the Islamic place of worship. Women who worship in a mosque must pray in an area separate from the men.

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