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2 LEFTINOTARSA The most thorough investigations were made in Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Richard-Mercier, 1982). As is often the case, sex determination in this insect takes place in the embryo. Various kinds of experimental procedures were adopted, with the following results: (1) Cauterization of polar embryonic cells suppressed the germinal cells but allowed male and female gonads to develop without germ cells. (2) Destruction of the presumptive brain area in young embryos led to the appearance of acephalic larvae with male or female gonads.

And O’Shea, M. (1985b). The acquisition and expression of a peptidergic phenotype in the grasshopper embryo. J. Neurosci. 5(4), 1005-15. Kingan, T. G. (1980). Prothoracicotropic hormone, cyclic nucleotides and proctolin in the insect central nervous system. D. Thesis, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA. Li, C. and Calabrese, R. L. (1985). Evidence for proctolin-like substances in the central nervous system of the Leech Hirudo medicinalis. J. Comp. Neurol. 232, 414-424. Marder, E. and Hooper, S.

When a first instar male or female brain was added to the incubation medium of the male or female gonad, survival improved slightly but no definite effect of the brain upon sexual differentiation was observed. These studies led to the conclusion that the sex of Leptinotarsa is not determined by hormones. 3 OTHER EXPERIMENTS Other recent studies did not succeed either in demonstrating the existence of an androgenic factor. They consisted of cross implantations of gonads in Galleria mellonella (Lender and Duveau, 1960), of wing discs in Gryllus campestris (Sellier, 1954), Lymantria and Orgyia (Lavenseau, 1970, 1973), and of genital discs in Drosophila virilis (Babcock, 1971), Tenebrio molitor (Huet, 1980) and Ephestia kuhniella (Dewes, 1975).

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Advances in Insect Physiology, Vol. 19 by P. D. Evans, V. B. Wigglesworth

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