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By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

ISBN-10: 0822575000

ISBN-13: 9780822575009

Welcome to the arctic tundra! As you hike alongside the frozen flooring of this chilly, dry zone, the tundra could appear quiet and empty. however it is filled with lifestyles, within the spring while migrating lemmings munch on spring flora, or even within the iciness, whilst fur-coated wolves, foxes, and hares dart and prowl throughout the snow. summer season and wintry weather within the tundra, the search is directly to locate food--and to prevent turning into a person else's subsequent meal. All residing issues are attached to each other in a meals chain, from animal to animal, animal to plant, plant to insect, and bug to animal. What course will you are taking to stick with the foodstuff chain during the tundra? Will you ... Zoom with a peregrine falcon because it goals for its prey? Chomp with a caribou grazing on grasses? Sneak up on a polar undergo fishing for its dinner? keep on with all 3 chains and plenty of extra in this who-eats-what event!

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