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This version is written in English. notwithstanding, there's a working Chinese-Traditional glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous versions of A Portrait of the Artist as a tender guy. This

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Stephen drew back his maimed and quivering right arm and held out his left hand. The soutane sleeve swished again as the pandybat was lifted and a loud crashing sound and a fierce maddening tingling burning pain made his hand shrink together with the palms and fingers in a livid quivering mass. The scalding water burst forth from his eyes and, burning with shame and agony and fear, he drew back his shaking arm in terror and burst out into a whine of pain. % --Kneel down, cried the prefect of studies.

Flag: 旗帜, 旗子, 国旗. gifts: 礼物. glistening: 闪光. ham: 火腿. kitchen: 厨房. lain: 躺. lopsided: 不平衡的, 畸. nearly: 几乎, 差不多, 将近. nursery: 托儿所, 繁殖场. paid: 支付. parlour: 会客室, 客厅的, 客堂. pity: 怜悯, 遗憾, 哀怜, 同情. plates: 盘子. pleasure: 欢乐, 乐趣, 愉快. plum: 李子, 梅. plump: 饱满, 丰满, 扑通地坠下. receive: 收到, 接待, 受到, 接到, 接收. red: 红, 红色, 红色的. running: 一连. sauce: 调味汁, 酱油. sigh: 叹息, 叹气. studded: 大头钉. thinking: 思想, 思维. James Joyce 27 --No, thanks. Mr Dedalus turned to uncle Charles. --How are you off, sir? % --You, John? --I'm all right.

Loafer: 浪子, 游荡. loud: 高声, 大声, 大声的. palm: 手掌, 棕闾, 巴掌. scalding: 烫伤. schoolboy: 学童. sleeve: 袖子, 衣袖. spectacles: 眼镜, 景象. steel: 钢, 钢铁. stick: 棍, 棒子, 棍子, 插入, 棒, 黏贴, 手杖. straighten: 弄直. strike: 罢工, 打, 敲打, 敲, 打击. swish: 漂亮的, 时髦的. trembling: 发抖, 发抖的. trick: 手法, 骗术, 秘诀, 欺骗, 玩意儿, 花样. upwards: 向上地, 向上. 48 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man burning livid hand shook like a loose leaf in the air. A cry sprang to his lips, a prayer to be let off. But though the tears scalded his eyes and his limbs quivered with pain and fright he held back the hot tears and the cry that scalded his throat.

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