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40 classes designed to introduce starting scholars to the fundamental styles and buildings of Classical chinese language are taken from a few pre-Han and Han texts chosen to provide scholars a grounding in exemplary Classical chinese language variety. extra classes use texts from later sessions to assist scholars savor the alterations in written chinese language over the centuries. each one lesson involves a textual content, a vocabulary record that includes discussions of which means and utilization, factors of grammar, and explications of adverse passages. the traditional glossy chinese language, jap, and Korean pronunciations are indicated for every personality, making this a studying device for local audio system of these languages in addition. Appendices supply feedback for extra readings, evaluation universal and critical phrases, clarify the novel method, and supply eastern kanbun readings for the entire decisions. Glossaries of all vocabulary goods and pronunciation indexes for contemporary chinese language and Korean also are integrated.

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2. To hit on target, to strike the middle of. Note the change of tone in the second, verbal meaning (which is often used in discussions of archery). Radical 2 (丨). 110a. 日中 M: rì zhōng J: nitchū にっちゅう K: il jung 일 중 C: yaht jūng Noon (“middle of the day “). 112. 管 M: guǎn J: kan カン, kuda くだ K: gwan 관 C: gún Tube; pipe, flute. In this anecdote the character is being used as a person's surname. In the course of this textbook you'll find that you'll have to learn many characters even though they may only occur as names in the lesson texts.

PRACTICE: Put the following into literary Chinese: 1. A wise ruler who talks about virtue 2. A difficult principle that goes against the family 3. An era that obeys the gentleman 4. An angry son who loses benevolence 5. A good man who governs with compassion 6. The people speak about a ruler who governs his country. 7. Filial sons obtain reward from a Heaven that follows the Way. 8. Unfilial rulers go against wise men who possess righteousness. 3. The conjunction 而: This is an extremely vague word that usually connects two verbs.

49. 怒 M: nù Angry; anger. Radical 61 (心). J: do ド, nu ヌ, ikaru いかる, okoru おこる K: no 노 C: nouh 50. 難 M: nán (1); nàn (2) J: nan ナン, katai かたい, muzukashii むずかしい 난 C: nàahn (1-2); naahn (disaster) K: nan 1. Difficult, hard to deal with. * 2. Difficulty, problem. 3). Radical 172 (隹, "short-tailed bird"). 51. 下 M: xià J: ka カ, ge ゲ, shita した, etc. K: ha 하 C: hah Under, below; to go down, to descend, to put down; social inferiors; to give to a social inferior. This character can refer to anything “below” something else, or any movement from above to below.

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