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A Linguistic research of Aphasic chinese language Speech is the 1st unique linguistic research of a giant physique of aphasic chinese language average speech information. This paintings describes how the foremost aphasia syndromes are appear in chinese language, a language which differs considerably from languages upon which conventional aphasia conception is predicated. Following the chinese language information, a brand new reason behind the key aphasia syndromes is available in line with the cognitive technological know-how modularity speculation. the idea posits that Broca's aphasia is the results of computational deficits that take place inside linguistic elements, whereas Wernicke's aphasia is the results of deficits that ensue within the move of data among elements. it truly is verified how the fluent and non-fluent features of the foremost aphasia syndromes keep on with at once from the houses of cognitive modules.
precise linguistic descriptions of Broca's and Wernicke's aphasia in chinese language are supplied, together with a precis of diagnostics of aphasia sort. the whole corpora of 4 aphasic chinese language audio system, together with interlinear and loose translations, are awarded in an Appendix.

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This particular example is an obvious case, but in other cases it is often difficult to know when jargon is in fact a bona fide Mandarin word only by coincidence. The reader is advised to survey the data with a critical eye, since aphasic speech errors are often subject to more than one possible analysis. CHAPTER 3. 1 Background LXZ was a 23-year old female who suffered from left hemisphere damage as the result of cerebral trauma. Her speech may be described as nonfluent, with reduced phrase length and simplified grammatical structures.

3 shows some examples of consonant and vowel error (represented in pinyin romanized Chinese). 3 shengri daojiang yigong qu zuo shou --+ --+ --+ --+ --+ *sanri9 *dejiang *yige *zhi *zou zou 6 Mandarin, the official language of Taiwan, is the language of instruction and is used for IllOst public and official cOIllIllunications. Taiwanese is the native language of the Illajority (71 %, Kubler 1985) of the inhabitants of Taiwan, but IllOst residents of the larger cities have significant exposure to Mandarin before beginning fOrInal education.

Huang considers the pre- and post-verbal position alternation between -Ie and mei(you) (see Wang 1965) as evidence that -Ie and mei(you) are both generated in INFL, with -Ie undergoing movement to its surface position as a verb suffix. Also generated in INFL according to Huang (1982a, p. 11). 42. 43. 42 Ta zoude he walk-ADV He walks quickly. 43 Ta hen kuaide he very fast-ADV He walked very quickly. -" kuai. fast zoule. walk-ASP the modifying stative verb. 42. 6). 29 This is not the prenominal modifier de.

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