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Cardinal and Archbishop of Canterbury Robert Kilwardby OP (c. 1215-1279) was once a vital and influential philosopher in his time, yet he has no longer obtained the scholarly consciousness that he merits. during this booklet we current the 1st examine of all of his philosophical pondering from common sense and grammar to metaphysics and ethics.

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Claude Lafleur, in idem, Quatre introductions à la philosophie au XIII e siècle, vols. 57–84 (Montréal: 1988), 260–61. 32 DOS, para. 33 The result of Kilwardby’s investigations on the subject of grammar enabled him to maintain the conventional character of language and, accordingly, to fix the place of grammar within the whole of philosophy. On the other hand, he established grammar’s scientificity by creating linguistic universals through abstraction from sensible and singular linguistic phenomena, and safeguarded grammar’s position in the recently developed universitarian educational system.

34. h. 23 This enabled them to develop, in one and the same scientific discourse but from an entirely different approach to language, linguistic modism (the Modistae) and linguistic intentionalism (including Robert Kilwardby and Roger Bacon), two currents in linguistics existing at the same time in the same place, but fundamentally differing in many respects. 24 They differed, however, in their evaluations of fundamental linguistic oppositions, which were already perceived by grammarians in the twelfth century, but now came sharply to the fore, forced by the requirements of the new Aristotelian paradigm: the opposition between the grammars of particular languages and the universal aspects of grammar, that between convention and universality, and, to a certain degree, the opposition between attending to the prudent and expert speaker’s freedom from the rules and attending to the constraints of the rules of grammar.

It indicates a substance as the principle of action or motion. V. 159), fol. 32rb–va, “Et dicendum quod quedam sunt uerba uehementis transitionis que ratione modi significandi uerbaliter et per modum fieri cum obliquis construuntur et talia cum accusatiuo et ablatiuo proprie ordinantur. Quedam autem sunt transitionis non uehementis que solum ad modum nominum transeunt, scilicet non per naturam uerbalem in eis, sed per naturam rei uerbi nominaliter intellectam et talis essentie illius rei nominaliter intellecte cum genitiuo et datiuo construuntur cuiusmodi sunt ‘misereor, noceo’ et consimilia.

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